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Get started trading Stocks, Forex & Crypto.
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Get started trading Stocks, Forex & Crypto.

Stocks, Forex & Crypto

Our finances are a critical aspect which impacts our everyday lives. Do you waste money on Starbucks, Movies, Netflix, Entertainment, Alcohol, Drugs and other fun stuff? We want to help you change your future. Everyday, dollars are being printed causing inflation meaning the value of our dollar generally decreases daily. The true value is where you park your cash and how you invest it. The true value is in the assets you own. The true value is having the skillset to ensure you accurately project and capture profits. In this course we will teach you how to get started trading Stocks, Forex, & Crypto Currencies.

What will you'll learn?
You'll learn how to start different accounts. These accounts will allow you to buy and sell Stocks, Foreign Currencies, & Crypto Currencies.

You'll learn the basics and basic strategies to help you become a profitable trader.

✔ You'll learn the fundamentals of Technical Analysis; analyzing charts and using different financial instruments to read and project how these charts will vary / react in the future to capture a future profit.

✔ You'll learn the basics of fundamental analysis. Utilizing news feeds, press, media and bank / financial institution events that impact economics to predict how the market will react based upon the common psychology & emotions of investors.

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