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Purchase & Finance a Profitable Business: Deal Structures, Equity & Assets
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Purchase & Finance a Profitable Business: Deal Structures, Equity & Assets

How to Purchase & Finance a Profitable Business 

So you think you’re ready to start utilizing your financial capacity to introduce larger streams of income under your management via acquisition. These are high end skills we’re speaking of that require you to put a high level of confidence, consistency and effort into action persistently. 

In this course you’ll learn how to purchase a existing, profitable business. (A fully functional business with income that includes equipment, employees, and real estate / business space)

What you’ll learn?

✔ How to contact business owners. 

✔ We’ll teach you how to acquire the financials of businesses for sale or that may potentially sell to ensure the deal makes sense financially. 

✔ You’ll learn how to analyze and verify the finances of a business.

✔ You’ll learn how to leave the deal with large profits after you acquire the business... After a successful deal it’s possible I take home well over $30,000 in your pockets as a monthly net profit. 

✔ You will learn how to talk to bankers, accountants, & lawyers regarding the business deal.

✔ You’ll learn valuable negotiation strategies to re structure business deals bringing new leverage to the table that benefits both you and the seller.

✔ Often a team is required to get these deals done. You’ll learn how to bypass difficulties & barriers that may normally prevent you from accomplishing your goal by putting together the right team to utilize delegation where need be.

⚠ This course is the most dangerous of them all and will put you several steps ahead of your peers mentally, however... This course is not for everyone. If you’re not serious about this course please do not enroll. We have other courses that are beginner friendly and step by step friendly. To succeed here you may have to look at several business deals, contact several people, negotiate, put together a board of directors, hold business meetings / board meetings, dress accordingly and keep putting in that consistent effort everyday.

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