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How to Market Your Business Digitally to Attract Clients.
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How to Market Your Business Digitally to Attract Clients.

Digital Marketing 

Do you currently own a business with a online presence? Maybe you utilize a website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or other platforms for your online business presence. In this course we will teach you the valuable skill of Digital Marketing to target potential clients in order to increase the cash flow of your business. 

Did you know that a simple $20 ad can reach over 30,000 people? If your ad is targeting the right people then you can translate those numbers into real profits. This is what successful businesses do and our goal is to elaborate on this skill in our Digital Marketing course ultimately assisting you in achieving success.

What you'll learn?
  How to target good leads. For example, if you’re selling candles; we’ll setup the ads to target people who’ve purchased candles online within the past 6 months.

  How to create ads on Social Media platforms capable of reaching millions of people.

 ✔ How to get your website listed on Google & start advertising with Google Adsense. Additionally, we’ll provide advice regarding Search Engine Optimization to help you rank up on Google.

 ✔ How to utilize YouTube to promote your business simultaneously increasing the value of your YouTube channel.

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