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Bitcoin Has Risen. Will it Fall?

Bitcoin Has Risen. Will it Fall?

Bitcoin is a crypto currency. It's naturally a more valuable type of currency because it cannot be printed or mass produced. With every new Bitcoin formulated by computer, it gets more and more difficult to create; Unlike the dollar, which is printed as freely as notebook paper. This means that the Bitcoin, in real terms, will always be more valuable than the US dollar. The US dollar is not rare at all and has no standard as it used to. All of this & other factors cause inflation in the US economy which as a by product causes the US dollar to loose buying power over time.

In my opinion, Bitcoin is a great investment, however, we don't know when or if it will fall. The average investment may make a questionable investment when it just keeps rising and rising, always seeming to be at a all time high. This is because you never know when it will fall or by how steep when it does. 

Follow the money. If you ever get a indicator that the highest networth individuals are selling their Bitcoin, You'll want to follow quickly. Because if these individuals sell their Bitcoins the price will go down significantly since they hold the largest quantities of it allowing their sales to noticeable impact the price per Bitcoin. Just our 2 cents on the topic.

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